The Resource Pool

Educational Resources for the BDSM Community

"What we do, we do well and leave the rest alone." Anonymous

Mission Statement

TRP's mission is to provide quality education for our communities: Leather ~ Fetish ~ BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance, submission). Also, role playing (but not swingers). Participants must be age 21 or older. TRP will present workshops, demonstrations, lectures, discussions. TRP does Not give parties. TRP will ask for donations rather than admission fees. TRP plans to use incoming monies to pay for such expenses as materials, refreshments, and printing. Those supporting TRP with their time and talent hope to improve education in the Community and to encourage safe, sane, consensual, and fun play. As a pansexual organization, TRP does not discriminate because of one's gender, orientation, or fetish. TRP will work hard to deserve your praise.

SCOPE: Lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and workshops.
WORKSHOPS: Cover such skills as ~ flogging ~ waxing ~ caning ~ single tails ~ fisting ~ safe breast play.
DISCUSSIONS: Cover such topics as dominance and submission ~ exploring the self ~ and negotiations.
FACILITATORS: TRP'S experienced facilitators are seasoned players. You will appreciate them as people, too.
LOCATION: Washington, DC Metropolitan Area (DC, MD, VA)

For more information, contact Mister Bill,